Friday, September 2, 2011

Neko Case and My Morning Jacket: Brainwashed

When we heard two of our favorite recording artists, Neko Case and My Morning Jacket, performed a duet, we were overcome with symptoms of what doctors call: butterfly belly. 

However, when we discovered just WHAT they sang, we started looking for the nearest oven to stick our head into.
We've covered Kenny's attempts to brainwash everyone from Johnny Cash, to Elvis, to the Muppets even. But this, this has gone too far.

Our best guess as to how this latest brainwashing happened: Kenny most likely took a break from his latest gig at a riverboat casino and claimed it was his 40th birthday. Hypnotized by his facelift, Jim James and Case accidentally ate one of Kenny's "Special" birthday cupcakes [secret ingredient: Gamblex].

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