Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kenny Rogers' Evil Tour Rider

A tour rider is sort of a contract an artist sends to a venue, outlining requirements for sounds systems, lights and backstage amenities. The Smoking Gun apparently got a hold of Whitey's tour rider and discovered some interesting stuff:
So, it's safe to say there will be no Kenny Rogers Roasters served?

Fact: If Kenny doesn't get a deli tray, he turns into a warewolf. So long, front row.

Some other interesting demands the Smoking Gun missed, that we tracked down were:
(6) Vestal Virgins [Preferably women, but narwhals will do].
(1) Full catalog of Kenny's albums, spread on a king size bed.
(4) Orphans. [Kenny is strict that no more than (2) will be cute. The remainder MUST be sad and/or homely].
(1) Adult-sized coffin.
(0) Cloves of garlic.
(0) Wooden stakes. 
(0) Angry villagers.

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