Monday, July 11, 2011

Cooking With Kenny

"Who's hungry for sadness?"

FACT: Kenny Rogers, sparked by jealousy at the popularity of Julia Child and Emeril, has vowed to win over the culinary community with his own "unique" dining style. 

Need Proof? Chapters include:

Human Flesh: the Poor Man's Rotisserie Chicken

If You're Lucky Enough to Capture an Infant, They're Delicious

Macaroni Salads a la Kenny (now with 20% more bald eagle chunks)


  1. Patrick Wensink - How embarrassing! How well do you know Kenny Rogers?... Unbelievable! Kenny is not only number ONE country singer of all times but also a good husband and an excellent father. He is in for everything... Now, it looks like the JEALOUS one here is you! Kenny Rogers is Kenny Rogers (Period)... he has no need to feel jealous of anyone... You are covetous and you wish you could be like him...Wouldn't you ? LOL

    1. You are absolutely correct, Ana Maria. I am covetous like a son of a bitch. I only wish I had a white beard, and gold records and Jerry Sandusky's taste in lovers.

      Oh, that Kenny.