Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kenny Rogers: Lame Brother

As anyone who's picked up a newspaper in the last 30 years knows, Kenny Rogers unequivocally proclaims himself to be "the most kick ass of all the Rogers brothers."
"I am the finest of the Rogers progeny"

However, Death to Kenny Rogers has evidence to suggest otherwise.

The distinction of "Most Kick Ass Rogers Brother" would actually be awarded to Leland Rogers, older brother of Kenny.

  • Leland was a 60s psychedelic rock impresario, running International Artists.
  • Meanwhile, little brother managed to grow a beard and sing some songs with Dolly Parton. Big deal.
  • Leland produced albums by psychedelic legends the 13th Floor Elevators and the Red Krayola. 
  • Little brother made a movie where he rode around on a horse and demanded everyone learn when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em or else he'd shoot the entire town. 

  • Rumor has it Leland was supposed to be the first Texan in space. But he was too busy being awesome that day. 
  • Kenny, meanwhile, opened a chain of imitation Boston Market restaurants. Whoopee.

The winner is pretty clear if you ask us. 


  1. What? Kenny Rogers' brother did all that? The Elevators were friggin' sweet man. I love Fire Engine.

  2. Yeah but ole leland rogers ripped of the 13th floor elevators for everything they should have gotten. So yeah neither one of the rogers boys are worth a big texas cow chip

    1. Hey Blake, what you say was debunked years ago. Decades even. And yet this version continues. Lelan was the man person there for the Elevators. He was the producer at IA, not an owner. There is much clarification to be found regarding his looking out for them.

    2. Oops. Yes he was a "man person" but also the main person. Stacy Sutherland would most likely vouch for that.

  3. i hear his wife left him back in the 1990's due to his 1-900 phone call obsession. take it from the man "love is strange." twitter that.